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Because I'm Happy - BY MAITHILI S

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Because I'm Happy!

Does the idea of travel make you happy? 

The pleasures of discovery, the feeling of being awe struck, the joy of meeting people from diverse backgrounds and finally the thrill of chasing ‘happiness’ .

There are numerous blogs and articles about travel being a stress buster and I could not agree more.

I however have noticed that even with a trip coming up or just the start of planning a trip, I am a significantly happier person during that time. 

My biggest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a journey. 

While I have tried to become a more spontaneous traveler and try to not plan so much I have realised this is me and I am the happiest when I make plans for an impending journey.

We speak of finding bliss as if it is hidden somewhere on this planet. Each one of us at some point of time has searched the Internet for the ideal destination and the perfect experience to cheer us up or perhaps even change our lives and I strongly believe that a mere change in latitude or longitude does help. 

I am yet to find my Moksha but I believe a trip that is well planned , can be a life changing experience for the traveler. 

I thought about my travel moments and my ‘happy’ times and concluded that the more I explored; the hills around my city, the pristine beaches in the neighbouring state or the village at the foot of the mountains, I realised how tiny my own corner is in the grand scheme of things.

So with help of some great friends I have decided to add these basic to-do’s to my travel calendar.

Enjoy planning the trip
Even if you cannot take timeout for a vacation right now, it can be a good idea to plan one. Try to put a trip you wish to go on, on the calendar, even if it is a month or a year ahead. Then whenever you need a boost of happiness remind yourself and dream about that holiday.
Travel deeper
Do not be a fluffy tourist. Chances are that you will visit a city only once to explore it make it your own. Explore a homestay, if you are a history buff create a local trail to explore a city’s past or just enjoy and feast on the local cuisine. Create your own experiences.
Stay Fit
There is nothing like seeing a place on foot, it will not only take you to areas you would have missed otherwise but will also help you  keep fit. You can carry this routine and exercise anywhere  in the world. I typically run in the morning and feel like I push myself further as I jog along a water-front or a beach. Also depending upon where you are in the world, bicycling is  a common activity, rent a bike and work on those legs.
Add a contact
The beauty of travel is that you never really know what’s going to happen. Maybe you’ll make a new best friend, maybe you’ll meet absolutely nobody, and maybe you’ll fall in love.
You never know until you go…

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  1. To many more travels and plans !

  2. Until your next destination :)

  3. Superrbb Maithu..
    Well written!!

  4. Thanks, yup until my next destination :)

  5. Heyy maithili very well written . Keep blogging.

  6. All the best Maithili :) My wishes are with you for some amazing journeys ahead in life...

  7. Thanks Siddhartha , your my true motivation :)