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Need a little extra motivation to plan a trip or even to want to think of a holiday? Well I definitely got my burst of motivation through something as simple as ‘Following’.

About a year ago a friend asked me to plunge into the world of perfectly squared photos, little did I know that I would not only get a chance to satiate my wanderlust without leaving home but also to work towards following some great wanderers in their footsteps.

There are definitely a lot more people I am yet to experience but I would like to thank a few that pushed me and turned me into an Urban Vagabond.

I definitely hope to get to these places in India in person but until I get there, I can still satisfy my wanderlust with a single tap on the screen thanks to these awesome #travelgrammers.

@SIDDHARTHAJOSHI has played a major role in me breaking out of my corporate cage to explore myself.

Siddhartha Joshi a popular travel blogger, designer and passionate wanderer from Pune has a visible magic that allows him to connect with people everywhere he goes.

His Instagram account currently highlights his ongoing project called ‘Tell me your Dream’ where he meets a new person everyday and collects their dream.
His personal blog features not only his inspiring stories but also connects you to his own travel channel on you tube.

@KHANABDOSH 's page allows you to meet the adventurer Karan Dang to experience his indefatigable curiosity and his passion that enables him to interpret his ongoing experiences. Karan’s description of the mountains is one of the reasons I took my first trek into the Himalayas. 

A true mountain lover, there is something about the way he captures a scene that makes you want to breathe in the fresh air.

Through a brief interaction I had with him he talked about the obligation and responsibility each traveller must have to keep the nature clean so that our coming generations can enjoy its serenity as well. This clearly shows his fierce love not only of travel but also of sharing that with others.

@KHATTARROHIT -his life is anything but dull, right from discovering something inexplicable while walking on a frozen lake to allowing women to explore their adventurous side; Rohit Khattar is always on the move .

The founder of the Himalayan Explorers club believes that he is finally doing what he enjoys the most – Leading treks and expeditions.

I am confident that I will one day experience his energy and love for the mountains as I sign up for the Chadar trek with his team.

@BACKPACKERHARRY is definitely a snapshot of today’s true Himalayan backpacker.

Harry Dogra’s soul concept is to encourage backpacking and allow travellers to explore and experience the rich cultural diversity within India in a very local style.

He passionately talks about the snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows, ski slopes, beautiful valleys, meandering and roaring rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests rich in wildlife, swampy deltas, long coastlines and magical moonscapes and urges people to step out and explore.

Do visit his travel group to discover the backpacker in you.

@ABHIANDNOW is a perfect mix of a passionate traveller, a poet and an amazing photographer.

 Abhinav Chandel’s poetic words and description of a place forces us to think about a wanderer’s quest, the bends along the road and the journey.

Based out of McLoed Ganj,he documents his travel journeys through his blog

 I hope to see him at one of his photo walks in McLoed Ganj and talk to him about his “bagful of experiences”.

@NEELIMAV is an (Ex)Software Engineer turned offbeat Travel  enthusiast . A trip to Ladakh a few years ago turned her into a hopeless and incurable travel addict.

The perfectly selected themes on her Instagram page range from wild nature trails to glimpses of nomadic travels.

Travel with Neelima as she highlights the perfect dawn and dusk settings ,waterfalls and snowlines.

It is her blog that encourages us to respect what our country has to offer and I hope to follow her dream of setting foot in all States and Union Territories of India over the next few years.

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