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Silent Reminder of the wrath of nature

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I’m in the perfect pre hike zone where you only think about where you will be in the next 10 days , where you start dusting your hiking bag  and where you start digging out previous hike lists .

As I was doing that, I began creating space on my camera and came across a series of pictures I had taken during my hikes in Uttarakhand late last year ,pictures that are a silent reminder of the force of nature and images that remind us to think about times we take the environment and the wrath of nature for granted.

We are all aware of the flash floods and landslides that were unleashed by early monsoon rains in the state of Uttarakhand in 2013.

It was accounted as one of the largest natural disasters of the region, killing a number of people and leaving tens of thousands stranded.

We have all read about the incident and seen the media splashed images of the flooding temples and the visuals where thousands of military servicemen and volunteers were involved in the rescue operations, with air force helicopters plucking survivors  from the foothills of the Himalayas ;however it was the aftermath of the floods that are still visible today that shocked me the most.

While the national media focused on the plight of tourists and the pilgrims in the regions, my hike allowed me to interact with the locals whose homes and villages were not only washed off but who also lost key members of their family who join the yatras to earn a major part of their families income on the hike routes during the tourist season.

They helped run the dhabas, sell the basic essentials of  umbrellas, canes, walking sticks, soft drinks, water bottles, home-made snacks and other supplies, on their backs or with help of  their ponies they carry children and the old closer to their faith.

Today the villagers have rebuild their lives and relocated to higher grounds, but it is the ghost villages with crumbling homes, collapsed roads once leading to bustling schools and abandoned paths, that stand as a daunting reminder of the wrath of nature.

Although each natural disaster sounds an alarm bell ,it is something we have very little control of, however we should all stop and think about how we could not only create a safer world ,but also leave a beautiful natural environment for the future generations. 

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  1. So glad to have read your blog. I am bookmarking your content to my Google Chrome. :)
    Check out my work as well: Traversing Goa | Goa Diaries

  2. Thanks Lakshaya , I did have a look at your page as well ..superb pics and loved the honesty i each story :)