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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - BY URBAN VAGABONDS

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The Oxford dictionary defines a vagabond as a person who wanders from place to place without a fixed home or job. Unfortunately today we are so fixed to routine and busy with our jobs that this vagabond in us is dying bit-by-bit, day-by-day. 

Who doesn’t want to travel the world around, explore the unexplored, and travel the unknown? 

While most people I know are stuck in the same everyday circle but some are determined enough to break this routine and to go where others can only imagine to be. 

This is my call to all such people to share their experience and act as a guide to others. 

Tell them about your trek through the hills, walks through the cities, about the people you met, the food you ate, about the sky you saw and the stars you followed. Let them see your snapshots and wonder about the world that exists beyond the boundaries they have set for their selves. 

Offer them the world through your stories and motivate them to begin a journey, no matter how small because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

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  1. Totally agree with the thought and love the idea