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FIND YOUR OWN HIKE: Lessons in my life

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All of us have grown up drawing pointed mountain ranges and using the basic shades of blues, greens, browns and whites as we were asked to recreate scenery. Little did I know that this basic sketch would have a lasting image on my mind and that every step up and forward would only help me recreate that image into a masterpiece.

Yes I am addicted to escaping into the mountains and I believe with age and maturity by my side , hiking has allowed me to think about some key lessons for a successful climb which can also be used off the trail.

You cannot know everything about your trail ahead and similarly with life

We believe we have a control on our path and lives due to the sudden speeding current of bits and bytes but in reality its carrying us away from the world we know and at the same time it cannot help us define a clear path.

Even with all the modern day equipments we did get lost, we did walk more than we should have , we did lose track of time and I learnt that one cannot define the route you will take for the remaining hike .

Each day and each bend still remains a mystery and there is nothing like sticking to the route plan, you will deviate but will come back on track.

How to survive with fewer things
I’m not the typical gal that can be ‘swept of her feet’ with some stones and trips to the malls,  I would like to believe that I am rather content.

However while on a hike it only gets easier, it’s down to the basics . The key mantra on any hike is: With less stuff, you have less to carry, less to manage, and less to stress about. 

You learn to prioritise and know of the most important things for survival.  As you get addicted to hiking it only gets easier, you will not give importance to things! Nature is inspiring and teaches you to be humble.

Networking with people

There are patches on a hike where you may not see a single soul for few hours and then that first hiker that crosses you suddenly becomes your motivator, comforter or even a new friend.

Right from the retired Keralite banker , the IT engineer who was about to start his big project, to the wandering photographer ; I have over the last year met some of the most interesting people on a hike and am thankful to have been able to meet such motivated ,optimistic and passionate people on the way.

You discover the true meaning of gratitude when you encounter the warm kindness of a total stranger either through a snack they hand down or a hand drawn path they recommend.

Know your destination, but live today 
You should know where you are headed to and the trail you are following to reach the place.But the magic in hiking is the little things you experience on the way.

Understand that when you are tired you can take a break

It’s okay to pause and take a break and allow people to cross you but never succumb to the thought of quitting. 
Because in a hike you have to get to the end even if it is at your own pace. 
Well unfortunately my pace was at its worst at 15000 feet where I took about an hour to complete a 500 meter hike .
Discipline is key lesson at this point.

Self –Confidence and satisfaction
Though it may be an easy, moderate or strenuous trek, it gives you immense self-confidence which I haven't acquired before by doing any other things. You will gain perseverance while taking each and every step during your journey.With every small success you begin to experience a growing sense of certainty for the achievement of the final goal. 

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  1. Very true & actually so easy but difficult to follow :)