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Look out for Signs

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You will never know where your are going, if you don't know where you've been........And the best way to do so is to look out and note all the signs .

Yes I will be penning down every real detail of the Uttarakhand hike but until then I could leave you with a pictorial blog allowing you to map my footsteps .

New Delhi - Haridwar - Rudrapayag-Srinagar(Garhwal) - Auli
The route got us on every mode of transport starting with the Flight - Train - Foot - Bus to Auli.

Yes Indian Road journeys are long and tiring but with a route this picturesque, this 'car sick' vagabond  managed well.

Govindghat - Bhyundar Village - Pulna Village - Ghangaria
The stress of walking this mere 12 km from Govindghat to Ghangaria is visibe with each step closer to camp .The climb only gets steeper and the path narrower

Other than the reminders of 'distance', it was on this stretch that I noticed the still visible devastation of the 2013 floods that had. I will be documenting that soon as I got a chance to interact with a number of survivors and their journey towards restoring normalcy.

Ghangaria - Valley of Flowers

The trail to the valley of flowers is right out of the lands of mythical creatures.

From The Hobbit , Lord of the Rings, Avatar and to The Valley itself, the majestic and magnificent landscape can only fuel ones imagination.

Ghangaria - Hemkund Saheb
The 7 km trek from Ghangaria to Hemkund Saheb is a pure test of ones fitness level and stamina .

However it is not everyday on a climb that  you see a hand written sign saying ' Be Careful : Glacier ahead "

Badrinath - Mana Village

Mana is the last village before the 24 km pass at the border of India & Tibet.

Located in the shadow of the holy religious town of Badrinath,this village has tales right from the Mahabharatha ,where it is believed that the Pandavas passed through this village when they were n their journey to heaven. 

I will be documenting each mythological tale through my Mana Diary as well.

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