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That ' One Fine Day' - Shilpa P

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I haven’t been very lucky when it comes to ‘work travel’. I have always envied friends and colleagues who pranced around the globe through work and got a chance to explore a new country every other quarter and YES at someone else’s cost.

But the Gods must have been happy with me when I received an invitation from the Levi’s office in New York. Little did I know that it was this trip that would also simultaneously set off a series of events which would make the year 2015 memorable.

As I endured a 6 hour long wait at the airport I began to prepare my NY To do and Must visit List.

Planning your very first trip to the Big Apple can be a daunting prospect. 

So many expectations , so many things to see, and so little time, it's difficult to know where to start , and I had to constantly remind myself that I was actually heading there to work and I had ONLY 1 DAY in New York.

From King Kong's spire, to the ‘hidden subway tunnels , to breakfast at Tiffanys and to Carrie Bradshaw's favourite NY locations , I thought I had virtually figured this city.

However I must admit that arriving all alone in New York, I was a bit scared however I managed to put up a brave face… took the famous yellow New York cab to the hotel (each step wondering if I was in line with the standard  etiquette of tipping)

THE FINE DAY : Krupa my childhood friend , now based in the States, became my host for the day. She had traveled 4 hours to get to me and was my partner in crime for the day (friends like her make your life better for sure).

For those who know me as an apparel designer will not be surprised that of all the ‘ famous’ landmarks in NY, I chose to begin my day from  FIT New York.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a landmark in Manhattan and like they claim it is where creativity gets down to business. As an ex NIFTian I think I am glad I got a chance to finally quench my curiosity.

We strolled down Fashion Avenue and window shopped and I felt truly at home.

My next stop was brash, flashy, perky and definitely very  busy, but no trip to New York can ever be complete without a stroll at Times Square.

It was about lunch time and we managed to ‘ Walk in the Park’ , yes I am guilty off checking off one more touristy stop – Central Park, followed by a  walk down Wall Street.

When I thought I couldn’t be branded anymore as a ‘ typical tourist’ we hopped on a ferry to the Staten Island ferry to visit   The Statue of Liberty.

I believe that New York is quite possibly the most come-as-you-are destination on the planet.  There is no standard way of being, of dressing, or of enjoying life.  You are free to be as you are, and no one will pass any judgments.

This 'One Fine Day' was like a rushed dream and it has only triggered me to head back as a traveller rather than a tourist .

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