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Trek Diary :Finale - EVEREST BAST CAMP Documented & Written By Sachin Kable

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Continued…. As I document the last steps of my journey, I hope to leave you with nothing short of a magical masterpiece.  In an attempt to capture the passing of time and the beauty of the surroundings, I document my finale at the EBC through a photo- blog.

Day 7- Dingboche to Lobuche

Altitude: Dingboche-14340 ft
Lobuche – 16310 ft
Altitude Gain: 1970 ft.

 Trek Distance: 9km,
Start Time: 9 am
Time Taken: 5 hrs

Temperature: 2° to 10° Centigrade.

Hotel: Lodge
Expenses: NPR 2000/-

It was nice and bright sunny day, we started by 9 am after having the standard ‘healthy’ breakfast .The trail from here was expected to be full of snow and temperatures to remain below 5 deg C even during the day time. I put on 3 layers of clothing a Tee, a thermal and a windcheater to ensure I stay warm.

We stopped only at Thukla/Dukla for the snacks. A steep hike after Thukla of around 1000 ft, we stopped at the peak and offered a few moments of silence at the  memorial of departed climbers.

Beyond this point was a walk across a flat terrain, but through heavy snow, also weather started to swing and clouds roofed the sky dropping temperature drastically. 

We were at the HIGHEST ALTITUDE AND at SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURE, it was reading -2 deg temperature outside and it is NOT AT ALL ADVISED TO SLEEP DURING DAY TIME. This no sleep tip is followed by all the climbers who are forced to mingle and stay charged ensuring that the atmosphere at the Lodge is that of one big party .

Day8 - THE day -  Lobhuche -Gorakhshep to EBC

Altitude: Lubhuche – 16310 ft
Gorakhshep-16942 ft
EBC-16092 ft
Altitude Gain: 1970 ft.

Start Time: 9 am
Trek Distance: 9km
Time Taken: 5 hrs.

Temperature: 2° C
Gears: Soft shell pant, Polyester T-shirt, Thermal, Fleece Jacket, Windcheater, Fleece Cap, 2-Gloves layered, Down jacket.

Hotel@ Monjo: Lodge
Expenses: NPR 2500/-

Got up in the morning and everything was frozen including the water in the pot with ice spikes inside the tank. The weather had visibly turned and there was a heavy snow storm ;a complete white out, nothing was visible.I was afraid of getting frostbitten so continuously kept the little fingers and toes moving it inside the gloves/shoes.

After a slow cautious walk of almost 2 to 3 hour we reached Gorakhshep and were completely exhausted but this was not the end, a hike of another 6 hours and we would be at our destination. After an hour of rest and tea at a local lodge we set out for the EBC, our final DESTINATION.

We pulled out all out reserved energy from every corner of  the body and decided to move with full throttle only to stop at the EBC now.

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